Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Tip : Adding SWT controls to the Trim Area

Sometimes RCP applications needs to show a label or some swt control on the trim area (outer boundary of the workbench window ) for example in the status area, after the perspective switch bar area and so on.

org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point allows to places command or control on the toolbar , menubar or on the trim area. For this post, if you want to add a control or command to the status area or the perspective switch area, use the following locationURI.

For placing it on the status area - toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.trim.status this will place the control or command on the status area. ( You have to make sure the status area is made visible in the workbenchwindowadvisors preWindowOpen() method as

public void preWindowOpen() {
IWorkbenchWindowConfigurer configurer = getWindowConfigurer();
configurer.setInitialSize(new Point(600, 400));

For placing it on the perspective switch area - toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.trim.command2, this will add the control next to the perspective switch area.

The extension point should create a menuContribution with the correct locationURI, and add the controls/commands to a toolbar.


Have fun !

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