Friday, February 13, 2009

Eclipse : Adding a Static text to the toolbar

There are situations you need to show a static text on the toolbar with a user name or some sort of text. This can be done using the ControlContribution.

JFace provides ControlContribution which can be added to the toolbar.

public class LabelControlContribution extends ControlContribution

protected LabelControlContribution(String id)

protected Control createControl(Composite parent)
final Label b = new Label(parent, SWT.LEFT);
b.setText("Label: <Your User Name>");
return b;


Add the ControlContribution to the coolbar in the ApplicationActionBarAdvisors fillCoolbar method.

IToolBarManager toolbar1 = new ToolBarManager(SWT.FLAT
coolBar.add(new ToolBarContributionItem(toolbar1, "label"));
toolbar1.add(new LabelContribution("Label"));

Now the toolbar with the ControlContribution gets added to the Toolbar.

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