Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eclipse : Most useful Eclipse plugins for a developer

There are lot of open source and commercial eclipse plugin available out there. Here are some of the best plugins that i have used during my eclipse based application development.


Checking out code from the version control will be the first step for any developer. CVS, Subversion are two of the mostly used Version control systems. Eclipse IDE provides the CVS Repository access by default. Since we had a Subversion repository for our version control, we needed a Subversion client for eclipse. There are two major SVN Clients for eclispe, Subclipse and Subversive.

We have chosen Subclipse over subversice since we had some performance problem using Subversive.

You can get it from


Software development involves the teams writing code properly by following some coding standard. Following the coding standard helps in many ways like, maintainability and readability. Eclipse has plugins which enforces these coding standards during the development. Checkstyle plugin is a freely available plugin which checks coding standards and also some java best practices.

Checkstyle is configurable through the Eclipse preferences where the user can import a predefined checkstyle xml file.

You can get it from

Code Coverage

Softwares need to be tested at different levels like unit testing, system testing , integration testing and so on. The software programmer usually writes unit test code to test an unit of functionality in the software. The unit tests cover a particular portion of the code base developed. The code coverage tools highlights the unit test covered code and gives statistical information about the testing.

Eclipse has a plugin called EclEmma which integrates into the Run Configuration and gives all the coverage details.

you can get it from


Most projects has a backend database which holds the application data. The developers writes SQL queries to retrieve the database results or maps the database columns to Object relational mapping tools like Hibernate. DBViewer plugin helps doing all this inside eclipse ide itself rather than using additional java sql tools.

You can configure any number of databases and query them and edit them using a simple table from inside eclipse.

You can get if from

Plugin Builder

Once the plugins are developed in eclipse. The plugins and features needs to be built on a build machine to achieve continuous integration. Pluginbuilder is a eclipse plugin which helps creating build xml files from inside eclipse.

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dogan said...

About subversion, I switched to Subversive since Subclipse has some serious issues with committing. It cant finalize the commit and create conflicts.

KSG said...

hi dogan,
you are probably right. But initially the subversive took a lot of time when you open eclipse with lot of projects in the workspace, and subclipse was better than that.